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Our Ties

The main feature of Finollo's ties is teh manual processing, each item is fuly hand made. It's cu and swen in our workshop upon the request of our clients, customized and tailored

The natural fabrics, polished silks and wool, are carefully chosen by the Maison who also designs limited editions and exclusive fabrics: we create a maximum of eight ties out of each patterned fabric.

Our personalized ties are a cult: the plain colour, hand made tie with the embroidered initials (using letters or the International maritime signal flags), is truly a tradition in Genoa.

Personalized ties

Both the limited edition of our silks and the manual processing, make it impossible to findt two identical ties. Each tie is unique, original, unmistakable.

Our philosophy is simple.

In our boutique nothing is ready-made, standardized or industrial, even if the tie could be considered as a not strictly needed item of clothing we look to make it the most personal as possible, we try to find colours and shapes that suit even the taste of a most demanding guest.

The "Finollo" knot

In the style as in the realization we gathered to make history. Besides the well-known story that sees the genesis of the node "Windsor" in front of mirrors in our shop, is remarkable the knot with the name of the shop, currently sported by politicians and celebrities worldwide..

It is a knot of medium size, which is developed previously by a half turn to lock the tie, to be followed with a simple knot. It can be tightened or slightly softer, based on the taste of the person. A knot telling of elegance and discretion, as Finollo.

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