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It is hard to believe that to tailor a Finollo shirt at least twelve hours of careful work are necessary, but that's the time we need. That's because the sequence of steps that lead to a perfect work has to be strictly followed with the maximum care and without any rush.

The process starts taking the client's measurements and creating a first unrefined model of the shirt to check the neck and body's wearability. Further tries-on, at least two, will follow, until the point where the shirt is perfectly tailored is reached. Every single part of the shirt is cut by hand, stitched using a sewing machine and carefully completed by our tailors.

The final touch is the crest where we put the initials of the client and where we mark the date of the delivery.

Finollo for her

Along with the traditional men's collection, Finollo has embarked in the production of blouses, where semplicity becomes the synonym of style. The Genoa model is loyal to the men's one.

It is a sporty shirt in refined chambray cotton, even if it may be mistaken with Oxford cotton or Jeans material, originally "blue de Genes" - from which the name of the model is taken - fabric used in the past since the XVI century to create working pants of the Genoese sailors.

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